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One of the crowning glories of the Church of England is the Liturgy, (Form of words for worship)
From 1544, when the first official liturgical texts for the C. of E. were released, a process of update and revision saw a form of words and worship crystallize in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer (BCP), which is still in daily use throughout the length and breadth of England. The magnificent language is still viewed by many as the bedrock of their spiritual lives, and the book itself considered one of the jewels of English literature.

One of the keys to the to the continuity was the adaptation of monastic services such as Mattins and Compline into everyday worship, for parishoners as well as Clergy and the Religious.

However, times and language have moved on, and in a highly successful effort, the Church of England produced a liturgical text called Common Worship. This continues the heritage and traditions using a form of language that is rich, yet does not get in the way of prayer itself.

St Lawrence's has adopted the Common Worship liturgy for all its services. Below are links for today's Morning and Evening Prayer, from the Church of England Website.

Common Worship Morning Prayer for Today

Common Worship Evening Prayer for Today

Common Worship Night Prayer for Today


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