St Lawrence, Little Stanmore
A Christian Community
In the Anglican Tradition

The parish is liberal modern catholic in terms of worship, practice, spirituality and outlook.

All Eucharists on Sunday and weekdays are Common Worship Rite 1.

The main Parish Eucharist at 10a.m. on Sunday mornings is attended by up to 100 people and there is an active Sunday School and Crèche which runs in parallel until The Peace, giving valuable personal prayer time for hard pressed parents.




At least three times a year there is an All Age Eucharist where the children stay in church for the whole service and the Liturgy of The Word is modified accordingly there is an address which is suitable for all members of the congregation.

At the moment there are three weekday Eucharists celebrated - Tuesday morning at 0930, Wednesday at 0700 and Thursday at 1930. (please check here for special variations).

The Rector and his Non-Stipediary Assistant also make sure that feast days and solemnities are observed, as and when they occur.

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