St Lawrence, Little Stanmore
A Christian Community
In the Anglican Tradition

Children are our future and nurturing and catering for their spiritual needs is a vital cornerstone of the Church. Children are always very welcome at all the main services, but we offer a child-centred alternative for the most of the service if they prefer a less formal environment. This alternative also gives mums and dads a valuable time of prayerful respite, amid the hard work of parenthood.


Junior Church Quiz


The Creche and Junior Church, which run every Sunday from 10 am in the Church Hall, are a very important part of Parish life. Here, the younger members of the congregation take part in many activities that usually centre around the themes that run through the Parish Eucharist which is celebrated concurrently in the Church

Junior church is timed to come to an end at the same time as The Peace in the main service, at which time the children re join their parents or guardians, for the Eucharist itself. This is always a wonderfully joyful and chaotic moment in the service!


All Age Service
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